Suddenly I owe you £2900...

This is the second time you have, out of no where, added over 2k to my account.

I’m seriously concerned at your systems being able to arbitrarily charge this to an account. You did the same previously. You’ve nearly given me a heart attack.

Sort it out. I was a huge bulb fan. I’m quickly losing patience with you.

Not cool

[Edited by Bulb on October 4th for bad language]

@James1701 This is a customer forum, so any such issues should be raised directly with Bulb and even if you did, i am sure with your language they wouldn’t be keen to help you! Before just jumping on a forum and shouting abuse, it would be much better to work out why this has happened? If you have a smart meter, then you are most likely just another number of many bulb customers experiencing similar problems and if you speak to Bulb direct they will hopefully correct this error. If you aren’t on a smart meter, then have you been submitting actual readings?

It’s not my job to figure out why this happened. The call centre closes too early, I called at 1830 and the online chat doesn’t either. You can jog on as well pal, you are not the one that has had a smart meter install that doesn’t communicate with bulb after THEY installed it. You are not the one for the second time with a £2900 bill.

Use your head. How the hell is this my problem. Bulb had the chance at 1830 to tell me what the fuck was going on.


@James1701 wow aren’t you a nice person! I didn’t say it was your job to figure out why this has happened, but I said if you looked at your options as to why, then it may have given you some comfort. Now you have explained that you have a smart meter, if you look on this forum, you will see hundreds of other people complaining about the terrible smart roll out by bulb. As it has been such a failure, it is clear that it is just an error because of your smart meter and very unlikely you do owe this money. Just give them a call when they open and I am sure they will tell you the same.

It’s a computer error. You know it, I know it. Chill.

you can jog on as well Paul. why isn’t my smart meter working months on? only now are BULB actually doing something about it. why has it taken a glitch that could result in a complaint to OFGEM to get it sorted?

@James1701 seriously mate chill out. I assure you bulb are very much aware of the problems! i am not defending their way of handling it but you are just one of a very many customers experiencing issues.

So that’s justification,? Because there are lots of customers with issues? 50% of mine have been resolved today, pretty much. Why? Perhaps it’s because I didn’t “chill out”

If you lot accept piss poor performance, then sit there and wait for them to sort it. They’ve had since March to sort most of this out for me, and didn’t. If you don’t escalate, then sit there and be quiet and “chill out”. Don’t bitch at people who are past the chill out phase.