SUE Flexiheat

I have a standard flexiheat tarrif. I am charged 3 different rates per kWh :
weekday daytime energy - 28.09p
stored heat energy. - 11.23p
other times energy. - 16.05p
I also have a standing charge rate of 19.18p per day .
Previously when reviewing alternative suppliers E-on were unable to supply my home and on searching for a switch elsewhere I had no joy . I am hopeful with the new approach to supplying energy Bulb can do it ! ?

Hi Savvy1

Just for peace of mind, Bulb aren’t active at weekends, so expect an answer sometime on Monday, when their office reopens at 9:00am that day :slight_smile:

Hi there @Savvy1 that sounds like a rather unusual meter, not one I’ve come across before. Is there any chance you could send us a copy of a recent bill from your current supplier, showing all the pages? That’ll let us take a look at the details of your meter, and we’ll be able to see if we can supply you on it. Our email’s, looking forward to hearing from you