Suggested Monthly Payment High

When I log in to the Payments and Statements section of the website it is recommending that I change my monthly payments to £363.83. This is rather high for a small one bedroom flat with only myself in it! I emailed support over a week ago but I haven’t heard anything back.

Do you know why the suggested monthly payment could be so high? I haven’t had a statement since the 15th April - is that normal?


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Usually based on your previous useage or previous occupier. Probably best to call them or use the chat function. Ive left now as the prices are getting silly.

@bhlmnet someone from bulb will get in touch with you here within a few days to look into it.
I’m sure they will sort it for you.

Hi @bhlmnet

Thanks @PoweredByVeg and @karlos321 for helping out on this one!

Similar to what @karlos321 mentioned, this was based on the estimated annual consumption at your property which was quite high. I’ve now amended that for you to be more realistic in line with the smart meter reads we’ve received so far. The suggested amount now looks much more accurate.

Taking a look at the opening gas reading on your account (26093) this looks way higher than the readings you then sent us (for e.g. 20631 in April). We need to correct this in order to correct the bills and make sure we’re billing you correctly for your energy. To resolve this, I’ve started a dispute with your previous supplier to get that corrected. Once they accept that we’ll rectify the bills for you. :blush:

Thanks All.

@holly_at_bulb The Gas thing has plagued me for a long time now. I think I may have given an incorrect reading once and it’s caused me nothing but issues since. One reason I am keen to get a smart meter for it! I’ve spent many hours now trying to get it fixed, and I have no idea how I actually do so. I am told it’s been fixed, but then it always pops back up again, like it has now. It’s very frustrating.

I do use your meter reading function in the Bulb app for my gas readings, and the current ones are definitely correct.

Hi @bhlmnet

I understand the frustration entirely. It’s actually a relatively common issue within the industry, and happens when we need to use an estimate as an opening reading.

Rest assured we’re in the process of fixing it, we’re just waiting for your old supplier to agree to use the correct opening gas read :clock1030:

Once that happens we’ll rebill you properly and we can get payments sorted moving forward :muscle: