Suggestion - Energy usage display

Would it be possible to provide an option to view energy usage by units as well as cost? It would really help with monitoring my actual usage and trying to reduce it where possible.

Thank you


This has been discussed previously, please see

Personally I would find it also useful to show kWh, having said that I keep my own spreadsheet of usage and costs.

Hi @Willo it’s a good idea, and as @Allanr says one that’s been discussed before. I believe that it’s on the list of things to work on, and I’ve flagged it up to see if we can get it moved up a bit :slight_smile:

Would it also be possible to see your meter readings after submitting them and the dates they were submitted so you know for certain they’re were submitted successfully?


You can see your meter reading by dates by going to your account dashboard at: and select “Energy Usage” box. They appear under the charts.