Suggestion: extend usage graph in Bulb account


Not sure if this is place to put this but I wanted to suggest that Bulb developers could maybe change the Usage graph in the payments and bills section of the online account, so that it can be extended backwards in time?

I think it would be interesting to see how usage and predicted usage compares with more than just the past two months.

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Hi @lnlatham and welcome to our community :deciduous_tree:

Thank you so much for this feedback and suggestion. It is really great to hear new ideas from our members and I will be passing this on.

Our devs have been working on improving the energy usage graphs but have mostly focused on improving the features related to smart meters. To see more about this, I recommend checking out this thread: Product Update: Smart Energy Usage Graphs

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I second the above. I want to be able to easily see what my actual usage was a year ago in order to compare with your ridiculous projections.


I concur! Would be great compare with same month last year, preferably as a second bar on the monthly and weekly graph :slight_smile:


ditto! and I’m sure they used to give you the previous years usage, when did they stop this and why?

Hi @linsinclair are you referring to the historic usage showing on the Bulb Account, or the annual usage report you should receive via email?

Hi Matthew,
The historic usage, it used to be shown on a easy to see/read graph but now you only get the meter reading for each month so have to deduct one from the other to find out the actual usage and even then you don’t know what it cost last year.
16 Dec 19 Electricity Estimated 5712
14 Nov 19 Electricity Customer 5368|
16 Oct 19 Electricity Estimated 5071|

@linsinclair if you go to your smart reading frequency here and change your reading settings to monthly then you’ll see the graph show your usage month to month, rather than daily within that month.