Supplier Consolidation

With the recent news that two of the U.K.’s biggest energy suppliers will be combining I wanted to know, do you think Bulb will be lowering their prices anytime soon?

I ask because if these suppliers combined due to losing tons of customers already. They would most likely lower their prices once their systems are synced, in order to maintain market share. If they did that, even though Bulb would probably still be cheaper, I wonder what the response would be by other suppliers, like Bulb.

@KeithBarnesLife great question! Our pricing strategy at Bulb is to follow the wholesale price of the energy closely, so if the wholesale price reduces we will reduce our price :slight_smile: What with renewables making great progress recently, this is something we hope to happen! I cannot say what other suppliers will do, but I can say that as a supplier Bulb is more flexible than most as we do not offer fixed tariffs, so we are more likely to be able to reduce our prices.