Supply and postal address issue


I’ve signed up today to switch from my current supplier (npower) to bulb. I had to enter my property’s address manually as the drop down menu had the address of my building but not the address of my actual flat within the building (though it did have the address for a couple of the other flats within the building). However, now that I’ve signed up my account details shows both my supply address and my postal address as ‘the occupier’ followed by the building address and not the specific flat number which I thought I had specified? Will this be an issue or will the switching process ensure that it is the supply for my flat number specifically which gets switched? For what it’s worth the meter reference numbers in my welcome pack appear to be correct. Any help would be appreciated, though the postal address will presumably need to be rectified?


Hey @connor ,

Thanks for getting in touch. This is an issue with the address listed under your meter on the national meter database.

So long as the meter numbers on your Welcome Pack match the serial numbers written on your meters, we are taking on the right supply. As we are soon to be your supplier, we can request your address is amended on this database to rectify things.

To do so, please can you message me your full correct address and confirm that the meters on your Welcome Pack match? We’ll do the rest.