Support for Bulb

Been with bulb just over a year and have nothing but positive things to say about them. Submit my meter readings 3 - 4 days before bill is generated and never a problem. Moaners always write reports most happy customers don’t well this is one that does. Keep up the good work.


Nice for you I do exactly the same and every month they reject the readings and have done for two years .

Perhaps either I am lucky or you are unlucky, be interesting to see if others have good or bad luck. :smiley:

Hi @Duncdevon,

I’m sorry for the frustrating situation you’ve had with your readings. I’m going to email you now so I can investigate why your readings keep getting rejected and we can fix this.

Yes they were good for 2 years, not a moaner there are worse things in the world at the moment ,but as per other users here have noticed a gradual decline over the last year :pensive:

Hi @austinderek1

I’m really sorry to hear you feel that way, the last thing we want is for your experience with Bulb to have worsened. If there are things you think we could improve on, account specific or not, could you email and let us know? We always welcome feedback.

Alternatively, let me know here and I can send an email directly so we can discuss further :slightly_smiling_face: