Support trouble [Resolved]


I was able to communicate with Bulb support using their website chat/message facility. Turns out my ad-blocker had been preventing this from showing up.


Hi all,

Switched to Bulb at the end of last year but as yet technically the switch is incomplete because my old supplier claim to have not received a final gas reading from Bulb. I understand there’s a verification process for the readings, and some other posts in this community about gas readings taking a while to show up. My reason for posting this here is that I contacted Bulb support by email over a week ago, and then followed it up a couple of days ago – and I’ve heard nothing back.

I’ve got quite a large credit balance with my old supplier that I’m keen to have back in my bank rather than theirs, but they won’t release it until they can put together a final bill (understandably).

Any ideas?

Many thanks,

Ring them 0300 30 30 635

Final readings are most likely awaiting verification, it can take approx 6 weeks, until then old supplier will hold back funds.

@ct00 - Sounds like we’ve got to the bottom of things for you. Let us know if we can help with anything else.