Suppression of complaints

Why did you close my thread on your community? The matter isn’t resolved.

This starts to look like suppression of voices of people who have difficulty with your company.

I was polite, remained within your guidelines, it is unreasonable to close the thread. You should undo this action.

Also, I would have sent this as a message off the board - but Matthew at bulb, whose trigger-happy finger closed my thread, does not accept messages.

Hi Liam,

If you check our Code of Conduct you’ll see point 1. states ‘To keep things moving along, we may close threads to new comments if a conversation is going round in circles. And if multiple threads are on similar topics, we may merge them.’

We will close threads if they become circular. I can see that we have an ongoing correspondence with you about your direct debit payments issue so please do respond there if you want a further update.


In other words customers are barred from shining light on unlawful breaches of contract or other malpractice in a public setting.

That doesn’t show you in a very good light. It’s a shame that a once fair, friendly and reasonable company is being reduced to this.

Like many others that complained about your shoddy treatment of customers, I can’t wait to be shot of you. Roll on Dec 18th, Hello Octopus.

I can echo those remarks, complain and nothing happens then the complaint gets closed.
Today I submitted a complaint to the Energy Ombudsman about the poor complaints handling and inability to get my IHD to work, it hasn’t given any data since it was plugged in on 14th August, Bulb don’t care as long as they get accurate meter readings to bill us and keep out accounts massively in credit.
It wont be long before they are haemorrhaging customers and no amount of Unicorns will save the day.

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Hi Liam

Strange - I too cannot find my comment (made today in reply to another customer). Anyway I’m leaving Bulb as this seems like very good evidence that they simply don’t know how to get themselves out of trouble. Hope my next supplier BG is better than this lot!

Kind regards


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