Surge in suggested Monthly Payment showing in the App!

I checked my Bulb app this evening and noted it was suggesting I increase my monthly payments to £1,513.39, which is ridiculous. My usual payment is £250 month and I have a £1,038.91 credit on my account.

Anyone else experienced this or is it an error within the app, how do I get this fixed, so the app reflects the correct value?

Hi @marks_bulb_account :wave:

I’m sorry about this, it seems that the value that we had for your expected annual usage for electricity was a digit too high, meaning the system was predicting that you would be using far more electricity than you would typically.

I have corrected that for you now, so if you check your account again, you should see that the suggested payment figure is much more reasonable :grinning:

-Luke :bulb:

Thanks Luke,

All sorted now with the corrected amounts showing.

I scan my meter every month when giving my reading, has that caused the issue?

Is it better to just input the number manually on the app?

Thanks for your help with this.

Just looked at the app after the app update today, and it’s now suggesting my monthly usage is £1404. Please can you get this rectified, as I have no idea what’s going on! I provide meter readings every month, so it should be easy to know what my energy usage is or is predicted to be.

Appreciate I have a larger than average house, but as I have said previously, I am paying £250 month and am in credit by Iver £1000!

Is anyone else having these issues?

Sorry for that @marks_bulb_account for some reason the estimations for your meter is much higher than what it is, Luke did flag this the other day and we have changed this but for now the account is in a good position.

The monthly usage comes from what we call EAC’s (estimated annual consumption) this should tie into the reads we get from you however we got information much higher, this has been changed but we will flag this again to stop this from occurring.

Please continue to provide reads as you have been.

–Carl :bulb:

App has reverted back to suggesting I pay nearly £1,400 month for gas and electricity. If I was living in and running Buckingham palace maybe that figure would be realistic, clearly I am not.

I’m baffled by the whole situation, surely it’s not that difficult to provide an accurate estimation of monthly usage.

Please can you review this again, as I am not increasing my direct debit from £250 month, with over £1,000 credit on the account to £1,400 month, as this is unacceptable.

As I have asked previously, are other bulb customers having the same issue?

Hi @marks_bulb_account :wave:

I’m really sorry that your suggested payment amount changed again. I’ve got your EACs updated so this should stop it happening again.

You’ll now been able to see you’re paying the correct suggested payment amount, so you won’t be asked to increase your direct debit.

– Meg :bulb: