Suspect my gas meter has stopped sending reads

I noticed a week or so ago that the gas was no longer showing on my IHD. Checked the app this morning as need to top up electric, and the gas balance seemed improbably high. I then checked the usage for the week, and it says £6.26 for the electric (seems about right) but only 75p for the gas. This can’t be right. Sure, the heaters are now off, but the water is still getting heated by gas, so this usage seems far too low. Tbh, it feels like the meter is only registering the standing charge and nothing else.

Is anyone else having similar issues?

Hi @thomasmorrison ,

Welcome to community and thank you for contacting us. :raised_hand:t4:

It seems we are receiving both gas and electricity readings through. Your In-Home Display should show your current energy usage, as both kilowatt hours (kWh) and in pounds and pence.

If it isn’t showing this data, the following steps should get your In-Home Display up and running.

It should only take a minute, and won’t affect your smart meter or your energy supply. You should start to see your energy usage within 48 hours. Please can you click on this link and follow the steps to get your in home display up and running again. Bulb account

–Suki :hibiscus: