Suspend payment

I’m now £200 in credit due to friend referrals. How can I suspend my payment?

I think you can go to your account and adjust the dd payment to say £5 for a couple of months and then bring it back to normal. Taking in to account you will probably require excess to cover the higher winter usage.
You could also request a payment to be made to your bank account to reduce the amount of credit you have, ensuring you leave sufficient to cover 1 months advance payment.

@Nikki1301, if you want to suspend your payments completely, I believe Bulb can do this for a few months for you if you give them a ring. No chance of you forgetting to bump the payments back up again that way unlike if you drop them in your account.

According to the roadmap, maybe this should now be automatic though?
@“Eleanor at Bulb”, can you confirm what this means?

We’ve been working on the automation of ‘payment holidays’.

@“Aurelia at Bulb” has caputured the project well ^

@“Bill at Bulb” has come up with a clever calculation to work out who should stop paying for 1, 2 or 3 months and use their credit instead. Once we know who should be on holiday, it’s a very manual process to pause payments. So until we’ve automated it, we won’t be rolling it out for everyone. Once the trial is over, we’ll know a bit more about how to make it work for everyone.

We’ve managed to roll it out with a very small sample of our members. We’d like to do this for everyone in Spring next year. Right now, we’ve got other projects including smart meters, improving the ‘move in’ and ‘move out’, and Bulibersary process on the go so we simply can’t squeeze this in.

For now, we’re always happy to manually put our members on a payment holiday, so long as we have up to date meter readings and enough credit to cover payments to cover the holiday.

@Nikki1301 - I popped you on a 3 month holiday. After that, we’ll make a suggestion of your new direct debit.