Sustainability in the office - Part 2

For part 2 of our series on making our workspace more environmentally friendly we’re looking at the materials we put the space together with.

Making changes to help improve your house’s eco credentials isn’t just about having a smart meter or installing a heat pump - it can also come down to the materials you use to make your house a home. The same goes for office spaces.

In terms of the materials we used the key specifications were:

  1. They had to be locally sourced
  2. And they had to be recyclable/ re-used / sustainable material whenever possible

As we improved the materials around the office there was a display for the team and visitors showing the materials we were using and where they came from. Here are a list of the resources we went ahead with:

  1. Our reception desk was built with a hardwearing natural alternative to corrugated steel.
  • Hemp fibres suquest carbon, locking it in and stopping it from being released into the atmosphere.
  • These are used throughout our carpets and can be used in a number of other industrial ways including: textiles, cordage, construction, electrical, etc.
  1. To create an agile workspace we used unfixed elements. The unjointed tiles allow us to mix up the space, as and when we need, instead of having to rebuild when we need to adjust the space.
  • This reduces our carbon footprint in the long run, ensuring we are making the most of these materials for as long as possible.
  1. Our Lobby and office furniture were made from forest timber terrazzo. This is a cheap material of 84% recycled materials.
  2. Timber offcuts were sourced from trees that failed in london.
  • Tree failure is a structural deterioration or breakage of any part of a tree, including the roots, trunk, or canopy branches. A tree can experience catastrophic or complete failure or partial limb failure

Alongside these products, we try our hardest with everyday items in the office with a paperless system, a full supply of oat milk and ensuring our waste is separated and recycled correctly.