Sustainability in the office part 3: keeping our company emissions low

For part 3 of our series on making our workspace more environmentally friendly, we’re talking about reducing and offsetting our team’s carbon impact.

We’re a carbon neutral company, which means we offset all of our emissions. Carbon offsetting is an internationally-recognised way to take responsibility for the carbon we emit. It allows us to invest in carbon reduction projects around the world to balance out any emissions we can’t avoid.

Carbon offsetting isn’t a perfect solution, so before offsetting elsewhere, we prioritise reducing our own emissions at Bulb HQ. For example:

  • Cycling to work - by offering the Cycle to Work scheme we are able to encourage our employees to reduce their own carbon footprint. Since joining the scheme in March 2021, Bulb has supported 42 employees in getting themselves some new wheels.

  • In a recent survey of 251 people at Bulb - we see a total of 23.3% either walking or cycling into work each day.

  • We send most of our emails through Google Cloud Platform, which runs on 100% renewable energy. This means the emissions from sending these emails is zero.

  • Where we can’t use servers powered by renewables, we send our emails through other platforms with data centres in America. To calculate these emissions, we take into account the emissions produced by generating electricity in the US. So, the carbon impact of sending Bulb emails (or, 5 million 1MB emails a month) is 63 tonnes of CO2 a year, which we offset… Read more about the carbon footprint of our emails on our blog.

  • We continue to explore options for sustainable products to use in our offices which you can read about in the first and second editions of this post.

  • As a B Corp we are constantly measured on our positive impact on society and the environment. You can find out more about B corp status here.

  • It is not always possible to change your energy supplier in large commercial properties that are already in contract, so we made sure when searching for our current office that the building was being supplied by a green energy supplier.

Carbon reduction projects come in all shapes and sizes. You can read more about the offsetting projects Bulb works with in our guide to carbon offsets. And, as always, you can offset your own personal carbon footprint using our Carbon Calculator.

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