Sustainability in the office

We’re running a series on how we make our office life that bit more sustainable, first up we’re looking at the brands we have chosen for a range of our office supplies. We want to shout about how great they are and encourage you to check out the brands you use and consider if you share the same mission. You never know, they could find a place in your home or workspace.

What else do you think we should include?

Products we are using include:

  • Wildhearts office suppliers are all about creating global social change. They believe every business can and must be a force for good. Profits made are used to address economic injustice in an efficient and credible way and supporting 50% of the United Nations 17 sustainable development goals.

  • Hey Girls who supply our menstrual products have pledged to bring an end to period poverty in the UK. When you purchase their products you buy one for a UK girl or woman who is in need. Since launching Hey Girls in 2018, the brand has donated over 14.9 MILLION period products to communities across the UK!

  • Clarity Co supplies us with shower and hand soap which is a social enterprise who believe all people with disabilities should have the opportunity for employment. You can ‘Meet the People behind the Soap Co’ here.

  • Climpson and Sons are always pioneering for the best coffee experience for all. Even if that is sitting at your desk. The brand is trying to integrate sustainable development into every aspect of their business, finding a balance between: economic growth, social inclusion and environmental protection. It also tastes reaaaaally good.

  • Nurserve is one of the world’s few B corp certified cleaning companies. By Pioneering the use of non-toxic products and low-energy machinery, they are on a mission to help create a healthier, more productive workplace and reduce our environmental impact.

  • Zepbrook is a refreshments company, who pride themselves on achieving great service with a responsibility to eliminate non-environmentally sustainable products. Their website has a page dedicated to sustainability where it breaks down the industry terms for everyone to understand. You can check it out here.

  • Eco Catering supplies our napkins and other resources. The brand is committed to reducing its effects on the environment by trying to eliminate or prevent the environmental hazards and impacts that a company’s people, activities, operations and products can create. This includes: reducing pollutants, emissions and waste, offsetting with cycle to work schemes and developing energy saving technologies that will benefit the environment, to name a few.

Keep an eye out for posts on the materials we use in our office and how we reduce our workforce’s emissions in the coming weeks.