Swap Economy 7 for Standard Meter

Hi - our first baby is due in a month and my wife will be on maternity for a year, so using more gas/electricity generally, but also a lot more during the day.

Can i change my current Economy 7 Meter for a standard Meter to get better day unit rates? I understand the nighttime rates will be higher.

Can this be tied-in with installing a smart meter?

Anyone done this and found it cheaper?


Hi @BeePee, you can change to a standard rate tariff but you don’t need a new meter for this, Bulb will just start charging you at the same rate for both meter readings.

If you don’t get a response from Bulb here tomorrow then just give them a ring (0300 30 30 635) and they’ll be able to sort this out for you.

The smart meter rollout is not going to be occurring until nearer the end of the year (trial from April).

@BeePee If you want us to charge you the standard rate instead of the day/night split I can do, yes, the night usage will now be charged at a higher rate. Just let us know and we can do it, no cost to you!

We will be installing smart meters later this year.

@BeePee - You need to try and forecast your change in usage and then work the sums. There will be a point where you a) break even and then b) gain from changing over. You can time laundry/drying/ dishwashing etc. for Economy 7 periods and given there will be more of it once the baby arrives it makes sense to do so.
There has been no point in the last 18 years (since my first child arrived) when Economy 7 hasn’t made sense.
FYI 35% of our electricity is used on Economy 7.