Swap for one rate reading

Good morning,

I swap to bulb supplier and what I know from my previous supplier is that I have two rates , day and night and the day rate I am able to read from machine located in my garage ,but night rate I am able to put when I minus this amount from full one which is in smart reading machine.

I would like to ask if is possible to increase the system and have one rate reading instead of two for night and day ,please .

Hey @Hanna4 :wave:

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It looks like you have a smart meter so it’ll have come over to us as a 2 rate meter as this was what it was with your previous supplier.

We should be able to remotely change tariffs soon and if you’d like to switch to a 1 rate, we can add you to the tariff change waitlist for when this is possible?

Can you find both Day and Night readings on your meter? If you’re unsure this article might help with how to find them. :sunny: :crescent_moon:

Hi @holly_at_bulb :blush:

Thank you for your response to my question.

Yes, unfortunately, it was here when I moved. I am happy that I have a chance to swap and increase this system in my place trough your support.

Yes, please. Add me to the waitlist for when this is possible.

I was informed by my previous supplier that day I can read the ‘Normal Rate" from the installation system located in garage, but because I do not have "Two rate, single display meters’ the ‘Low’ I am able to figure it out after minus this amount (Normal) from full showed which is presented on the screen of smart meter machine that I have at home.