Swapped to bulb... questions

I get £50 because my friend referred me but why is my first payment £62 surely it should be £12?

I believe the credit (£50) is added to your account balance the pre arranged DD (£62) remains constant. If your credit build gets excessive you can request a refund to your bank account.

@M8TT, additional credit on your account never automatically reduces your monthly debit payments.

After your switch date (presuming that hasn’t happened yet as you’re talking about first payments), you can contact Bulb to request a temporary reduction to your debit payments, or a transfer of additional credit back into your bank account.

You can also change your monthly payment date and amount yourself on your MyBulb page here (after your switch date), but this is only recommended to get your debit payments inline with your usage, not to reduce it because you have built up a large amount of credit. It’s very easy to forget about the reduction a few months down the line.

@M8TT You can do one of two things with the referral credit:

1- refund to your bank account
2- put towards new bills

We don’t do anything with the credit until you let us know, so just say what you would like done with it and we can sort it out :slight_smile: