Switch day but electric has gone off

It’s my switch day today from meter to DD, but my electric has just gone off :roll_eyes:. If I’m no longer with Scottish power surely it’s shouldn’t have done so? Anyone else had this problem? Thanks

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Do you mean from smart prepayment meter to monthly direct debit?

If so you likely have the same problem as @Chappy4412. See this thread for more info.

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Bulb have bigger problems at the moment.

Don’t know if you’ve heard but they’ve just posted a £129 MILLION loss.

Yes I’ve heard. It’s common for companies to make a loss while expanding and reinvesting in the company. You’re making this out to be a bigger issue than it is, whilst also hijacking a thread with irrelevant information that isn’t going to help poor @jen87 who’s already in a stressful situation where the electric has gone off with no simple fix available. Well done you.


Thank you just had a read through. Yes was from meter to DD. I stupidly just thought it’s switch today, did t realise a weekend would be any different as not changed in so long. I’ve quickly topped it up so hoping it’ll last untill it actually switches 🤦. Thank you

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No, I’m the blunt sarcastic one. Sorry to disappoint.

Apologies for this @jen87.


Weekend shouldn’t have made any difference, it just makes it difficult when things go wrong. At least you’ve managed to top up and keep everything going over the weekend so can relax a bit now. Contact Bulb first thing on Monday morning when they open at 9am.

Hopefully , thank you for your help very appreciated

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You’re very welcome.

Turns out they can’t do it by direct debit and have re sorted my stuff to continue on meter! Glad I came here for help with hey emailed back and sorted it quite quickly after

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get them to swap it to a smart meter and then it will be a credit meter so you can pay DD