Switch Day tomorrow

Hi Everyone,
My switch Day to bulb from BG is tomorrow, on the app it says first payment is pending and I am officially a bulb member, however my smart prepayment meter hasn’t switched to credit mode, should it have switched today or will it be (hopefully) tomorrow? Am I being too cautious or will it go through smoothly?I Have spoken to bulb via live chat and they were very vague and told me to phone BG (not off to a good start if passing the buck already)
Sorry for rabbiting on

Should switch by midnight tonight the switch will be carried out by BG, outwith the control of bulb I’m afraid BTW your IHD will cease to function correctly
You are probably aware that you will have to send manual readings to bulb preferably 1-2days before your Bill date (23-24) of the month

As @skippy64 says it should switch around midnight or shortly after.

Will it go through smoothly? That depends on if British Gas have correctly sent the necessary commands for the meter to change. If they haven’t then it’ll remain on prepayment and you’ll be in trouble. That has happened to a few people on here now. Since Bulb don’t support smart prepayment meters, the only solution is an emergency meter swap to get you back on supply, and that is somewhat more tricky to arrange at the weekend than when Bulb are open during the week.

It’s a brave person that arranges for a switch with prepayment meters at the weekend! Best to always start the switch such that the actual switch date ends up being a Monday, then you’ve got all week for Bulb to sort it out while they’re open.

Fingers crossed and good luck!

Thank you both for your response guys, much appreciated, I’ve made sure I’ve enough credit on the meters just incase of any problems, I’m assuming any money on the meters will stay on? I’m hoping all goes well as my wife depends on the use of electric equipment due to disability.

@Hooloovoo I would probably say it’s rather a stupid person that arranges a switch at weekend (in my defense this is the first time in 20+ years I’ve switched energy supplier (again stupid person)

Well, it’s not switched over. I hope BG can sort it today.

Right got in contact with BG they have essentially wiped their hands of it, cannot top up as account is closed. Any idea who to ring now?

You could try Email ​emergency@bulb.co.uk​ or call us on 0300 30 30 635 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm). they may or may not be able to arrange a meter swap

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Thank you @skippy64, I’m not off to a good start of the weekend, just frustrating that BG said it’s not their problem as they don’t supply our energy, one would hope these things get double checked before a switch happens

Your more than welcome, hope it helps
As an afterthought once you get sorted you might want to go on the PSR

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Yes, fingers crossed, I appreciate you taking time out of your day to help. I’m already setup on the psr. What makes me more confused is on the BG website it says my account is closed. However if I log in on the BG app it says I can top up the meters

Presume you phoned as well as mailed(should put through to their supply partners)
Sounds as if BG’s right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing

This is what I expected to happen. The outgoing supplier doesn’t do what Bulb asked them to do in terms of meter configuration, and after that it’s not their problem because you’re not their customer any more.

As @skippy64 has said, you need to phone the Bulb helpline. Even though they are closed at the weekend, if you checkout this help article it says that

Get in touch if you have any other kind of emergency

Email ​emergency@bulb.co.uk​ or call us on 0300 30 30 635 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm).

Getting in touch outside of working hours, on weekends and bank holidays

We’ll reply to your email within 4 hours if it’s sent between 9am and 6pm, otherwise we’ll reply the following day.

Our phone lines will go through to our metering partners, who can help you in case of emergency.

However, given that you thankfully had the foresight to ensure you had enough credit to last over the weekend and you don’t yet actually have an emergency, personally I’d try to forget about it for now and contact Bulb at 9am on Monday morning.

This is happening all too often now. Bulb should refuse to accept customers with smart prepayment meters until such time that they can handle them correctly. It’s no good relying on the outgoing supplier to send the requested configuration. Bulb need to be able to handle the configuration themselves or not take on the customer.

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Thank you @Hooloovoo. I sent an email this morning to the emergency address and got a reply quite quickly, they said that they will look into sorting out the problem on Monday. They did say however that to change the meters over I’d have to run out of supply and they would arrange to change the meters within 3 hours.

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Just an update, engineer came out today to install temporary meter for electric, bulb advised couldn’t do the gas as I still had £4 on current meter, so need to ring back once I run out of supply. The engineer I had was great, he said he would of changed the gas meter but had no spares in the van and said to save time ring bulb to arrange smart meter install to save messing with temp gas meter, however bulb have no slots within the next week so will have to wait til gas runs out for temp meter. Got to say even though I’ve only just become a customer I’m very happy with the efficiency of the CS team.

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