Switch Electricity & Gas

Hi, I would like to go ahead and switch my gas and electricity supply to Bulb however, the electricty in my property is 3 phase - can you provide a quote to cover this. I am currently billed for Day Units; Night Units and Evening & Weekend Units. I cannot find any 3 phase quotes on your website.
Diane Watson

@DianeWatty - very good point!
3 Phase meters can be configured in a number of ways and we’d need more info about your meter to give you a tailored quote. Also, 3 phases can be billed as Economy7 or they could also be a set of related meters. The best way to get more info about what we can offer is if you send us an email with the meter serial number so we can find out about your meter’s configuration. We’ll then get back to you with what kind of tariffs we can offer you.