Switch from a top-up account to a normal meter / smart meter


I am currently on a top-up account with Bulb for both electricity and gas. I would like to switch to a normal meter / smart meter.
Could you please provide me with the information required for completing the switch and what are the main differences between the two options?

Thank you,


Hi @jonkochmd,

In order to change you over from prepay meters to meters that you pay for with a Direct Debit, we will first need to run a soft credit check to check that you will be eligible to change from prepay to monthly payments. Provided that you pass this and you’re eligible for us to install smart meters at your property - my system does suggest you should be, but there are a few extra questions I will need to ask to double-check this - then we’ll be able to get you booked in to exchange your meters for free.

You can read a little more about smart meters and how they work here.

Hi Lou,
I am waiting since July this year for my meter installation.
I am already very frustrated with the Bulb company and considering seriously to switch to a different energy supplier.
Could you please find a solution to this problem ASAP?

Hi @jonkochmd I’m sorry that you’ve not yet been able to arrange a smart credit meter exchange.

Please could you get in touch with the online chat within your Bulb Account and one of the team can request the soft credit check today for you?