Switch from First Utility

Hi, I am in the middle of switching from First Utility to Bulb. Last year First Utility fitted a smart meter for electricity but I’ve just found out you can use this. Does this mean I can’t swap? If I can still swap will I have to pay for a new meter?


Hi, I am also switching to Bulb from First Utility, and i also have smart meters for gas and electricity. I think we can still just take readings from the smart meter, just press 1 to see the reading, and give them manually. I believe you can just use the mart meter as a conventional meter. Only 2nd gen smart meters will be transferrable from one supplier to another. Is this correct?

@mark338 - It looks like @michael441 has pipped me to the post with some sage advice :slight_smile:

You will be able to take readings from a smart meter as you would a normal meter, the only loss is all the remote connection functionality for the supplier.

There is a piece of work going on to allow 1st Gen meters to talk to all suppliers using the same central systems as the 2nd Gen but this piece of work is in it’s early stages and likely to be up and running mid to late 2018.