Switch has been cancelled

Hi there,

So I started the switch process and then received an email from Bulb saying that the switch had been blocked by my previous supplier. I contacted them and they provided me with two MPAN numbers, assuring me that by giving these to Bulb the switch would work.

The letter they sent me was as follows: “Every electricity supply point in every home has its own unique 13-digit ‘Meter Point Administration
Number’ (MPAN). Your home has more than one supply point, but your chosen supplier (Bulb) only knows about one. So that your switch can go ahead, you need to give them all your MPANs.”

I emailed those numbers over to Bulb and have had no reply during this whole process, until this morning when I got a Bulb email telling me my switch had been cancelled.

Where do I go from here? I’ve provided Bulb with the MPAN numbers, do I need to start the switch process again? How can I be sure that this won’t happen again? Any advice / reply would be greatly appreciated.

All the best,

I’d phone Bulb, if I wanted to still switch to them…