Switch Objection

What do you have to do to get Bulb to answer a question about why they are in objection to a switch?

I’ve got a credit balance but they haven’t sent me a bill for last month so I’ve no idea what they think I owe, they don’t seem to be recording my meter readings and they ignore my emails questions.

Botchat has a massive wait and can’t get through on phone so will have to try a direct complaint instead…

Hi @mojosdad

We are sorry that it has been difficult to get in touch with us.

I can see that your gas is switching to your new supplier today.

The electricity has been objected to as there are a few details about the meters that are missing.

I am going to flag this up to the relevant team now, then we can create your bill and then you will be able to switch the electricity too.

Thank you for your patience and we are sorry the switch has not been smooth.

If you want to open a complaint about this please email complaints@bulb.co.uk


Complaint email address given is wrong so not likely to get any reply from it, but then that wouldn’t be much different to using the correct address would it.

Having already raised the complaint above that hasn’t even been responded to yet, let alone resolved,is it really worth wasting the electrons? Although having said that it does help to raise the stats so that the regulators take a closer look at you

Thanks for your response @mojosdad. It looks like your gas has now switched away from us as of 19/11, so now we will send you a final bill within 6 weeks and your account will be closed.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Yes, Is anyone going to answer my complaint?

Sorry @mojosdad, there should be an ‘s’ in that email address, it’s:


I’m aware, I responded to that address a week ago having realised it was wrong and have made a complaint at least a week previous to that which nobody has bothered replying to. Is airng our laundry in public the only way to get some movement?

Well final bill was issued over 6 weeks from switch dates for both gas and electricity and apparently you are ‘considering’ whether to offer me £30 compensation for each.

Now, there was me thinking it was an Ofgem regulation that the compensation was automatic.

Perhaps you ought to consider the terms of your supply license?

That’s another pointless hour wasted in botchat to tell you how to calculate my bill properly and how compensation works. I really ought to be charging this out at a professional rate; if you make me the right offer I’ll send you the spreadsheet I’ve used for years to work my bills out - it’s quite good, it uses the correct opening and closing read, multiplies by the tariff and adds the daily standing charge. You ought to give it a try.

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Complaint about the objection to my switch has now been raised to Ombudsman. I’ve got open and ignored complaints for my lack of bills, ignoring readings, incorrect final bill, refusal to pay automatic compensation which will ask escalate to Ombudsman separately.
It’s going to be an expensive month…