Switch over and smart meter

Hi I have two questions.

First is you are supposed to be taking over my gas and electric however all messages I have received it sounds like it is just the electric.

Also I have a smart meter for the electric (only installed recently) and currently top up using an app on my phone. You have said you have sent out electric key. Im confus3d as to how this will work as there is no place to put electric key in meter?
How will I know how much electric I have on etc?


This is just a customer forum, we aren’t able to help you. You’ll be better off directing your queries directly to Bulb customer support.

Hi @stacey130689,

It looks like this has been resolved personally for you.

But yes as it’s smart top-up we’d have to take this on as a direct debit, credit meter. I can see we’ve since updated this and it looks like you’re now on a direct debit with us.