Switch over nightmare

Moved back to bulb but original readings that I supplied were not used. I had a new gas meter fitted a couple of weeks before the move and sent a photograph to confirm the meter number. Plenty of emails sent but only very sarcastic responses back. Eventually I sent a very detailed email with photographic evidence and now nearly 4 weeks later, absolutely no reply. I give readings every month and every month, they estimate. I was told I am giving my readings too early - I send them when advised by email !!!. Does anyone know how to get a reply or do I really have to change suppliers again?

Hi Lisa,

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I’ve taken a quick look into your account now for you, and it looks like your account has opened on the reads that you provided us with on your switch date. Your billing is also up to date and accurate.

I have sent you an email now providing a more insightful summary on your account for you. If you do have any further questions at all please feel free to respond and I’ll be sure to answer them for you!

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Diane. I sent a photograph of the meter 10 days before the switch over and a photograph on switch over date. Yousef asked for a photograph of the meter again and as the clearest one I has was one on change over date. I have sent another email 4 weeks ago with 3 photographs attached and my former supplier has also placed a dispute on your used readings. Please look and reply to the emails your customers send and you might get less complaints. I am about to submit both gas and electric readings after your request but if again I end up with an estimated reading I will be switching and making a formal complaint to ofgen

Submitted my meter reading as requested and yet again I have an estimate with the gas!!! What do I need to do for you to get this right?. Do I actually need to come to your head office and input the correct readings for you. I will call when you open tomorrow and if then not resolved, I will need to make an official complaint to Ofgem. It will be a miracle if you retain my business