Switch over time

I live in EN2 area what does my economy 7 tariff starts and finish please?


Hi @Mike_123 ,

The economy 7 times will be the same as your previous supplier (if you know the times from them), but if you don’t know, then the following is General guidance - meters do sometimes differ from the ‘general area’ time settings and the only way to be sure will be to check directly with Bulb ( https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/115001240291-How-can-I-get-in-touch-with-Bulb- ) who can lookup your meter on the national database.

But for general usage - the following might help:

The EN (Enfield - not Edinburgh as my morning brain initially thought! :wink: ) postcode looks like it could either be in the London area (which is typically 2300-0700) or the South East Area (2230-0030 and 0230-0730). If you look at a Bulb bill (or any other electric bill you have), you’ll see your ‘MPAN’ or ‘Meter Point Administration Number’ also known as an ‘S number’ (or supply number) which starts with an S and then has two lines of digits. The bottom line in the left hand box is the ‘Distributor identifier code’ and if it is 12, you are in the London area and if it is 19, you are in the South East area.

Meters are allowed to vary from ‘real-time’ by up to 30 minutes either side (and are intentionally set to be slightly inaccurate - with a ‘jitter’ - to ensure that everybody’s meter doesn’t switch at exactly the same time) - so take you watch/phone to the meter and compare the times :wink: Meters also tend to just follow GMT/UTC all year round - not a problem during the winter, but during the Summer remember to add an hour.