Switch Over

I have recently switched over to a new supplier, but i am unable to see my account balance now but the direct debit was still taken out last week, as well as paying the new suppliers monthly direct debit. How do i know how much the final bill is and if still in credit when i will receive this back

Hi @Russuk, as your final meter readings go via a third part for verification, the final bill can take a few weeks to get through to you from Bulb.

If you give them a ring, they may be able to give a better idea of a timescale for this though.

@Russuk you’re in a lot of credit (I don’t want to specify the exact figure, in order to protect your privacy). We will return all the outstanding credit to you once we have the change-of-supply reads from your new supplier. If you want some of it returned earlier than that, let us know.

P.S. We won’t be taking any more direct debit payments from you.