Switch over


Apparently I got an old bill from my previous company, but I was told when I was switching over they would take care of any payments I had before the switch. I was wondering if I misunderstood or something happened perhaps.

Many thanks.

Hi there @Alucardbbx94 I think the issue here might be the difference between the final bill and the exit fees. If your old supplier have charged you exit fees, a fee of (usually) about £30 or £40 for leaving a contract early, we’ll refund you that money, just upload a copy of the bill through the link on https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/115001227591-What-about-exit-fees-from-my-current-supplier-

If there are any other charges on your final bill, for the usage up until the day when we took over, I’m afraid that we don’t refund those. For some members they can go into the hundreds or even thousands, a little too expensive for us to pay if we wanted to! The reason we pay exit fees is that we feel they are a block on switching, and we think that people should always be free to switch whenever they like (that’s also one of the reasons we don’t charge exit fees for people leaving us).