Switch to Bulb cancelled


I’ve twice tried to switch to Bulb using uswitch.com, but both times have received an email from Bulb stating that:

"Unfortunately, we’ve had to cancel your energy switch because your property is registered with no electricity meter in the national energy database.

This usually happens when the current supplier hasn’t updated your meter details properly.

Please could you contact your current supplier and ask them to add your meter details to the national database? Only they can do this for you."

However, this is not the case. I’ve contacted my current supplier and they have provided me with the registered meter details. I will happily provide these to you, but there appears to be no method of recourse to the cancellation email you sent me.

Please advise.

Thank you,

Hi, @DanC I understand that this is really frustrating. The reason for this is that the national database has not been correctly updated to reflect the meter that you have at your property. You will need to make sure that your present supplier updates the records on the national database to reflect your meter. They are responsible for doing this and will do so at your request. Once that has been done you will be able to sign over to us. If you are still having trouble give us a ring on 0300 303 0635 and one of us here can talk you through everything.

Thanks, but as stated, they have already provided me with the registered meter details. Please see below an extract from their response.

"Dear Mr XXX

Thank you for enquiring about your meter details.

I’ve checked the national database and see that; your details are already updated. The registered details of your meter are below:

Meter Serial Number (MSN) = XXXXXXXXXX.
Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN): XXXXXXXXXXXXX.
Date of Meter installation: 13 October 2016."

I will contact you on the number provided later today, but your reluctance to assist with this is very disappointing and makes me think twice about wanting to switch to Bulb.