Switch to Bulb from E ON

Hi there, i am interesting to switch to bulb only for electricity.
Now i pay for my electricity by top-up? Can i have the same situation with bulb?
And which it the procedure ? Someone is coming to my house and change the ’ top-up meter’’ ?


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Do you have a traditional meter or a smart meter?

If you have a traditional meter, where you top up with a card that you charge up at a shop, then that will continue after you switch to Bulb. You’ll get a new Bulb topup card to use with your existing meter.

If you have a smart topup meter, Bulb do not support those and so it will be remotely reconfigured to a pay monthly meter on the date of your switch. You’ll then need to submit monthly meter readings and pay by monthly direct debit.

Do you have a referral code for £50 bonus when you switch? If not I can send you mine :slightly_smiling_face:

I have this kind of key and meter, i have not a smart meter.
Also to switch on this one, i need to ask the landlord first or i can place the order to direct to the website?

I havent referal code, it will be useful for both , thanks


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You don’t need your landlord’s permission to switch.

I’ve sent you a PM with a referral link.

Thank you for your help

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You’re very welcome.

Also could you please let me know about the switch, i assume its smoothly, no power cuts etc ? :slight_smile:
Bubl send the new key to my address? They sending a key or card? Because as far i know the meter use a key like the picture i sent before.

There have been some issues with Bulb not sending out the new topup keys/cards quickly enough, which could lead to you losing power since you can’t topup. But ideally everything goes smoothly and you never lose power. I’m not familiar with prepayment meters but Bulb should know what they need to send you.

I would suggest you start your switch on a date such that 21 days later is a Monday. That way if anything goes wrong, you’ve got all week to phone Bulb. If your switch date is a weekend then it can cause difficulties when things go wrong because Bulb is closed.

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