Switch to bulb from spark

Hi Team,

Just want to confirm that we have moved to BANANAS on 27 june. Since that day we are having spark connection.
Since bulb memebership will start on 23 July, will you handover from spark and we need to pay all amount to bulb or we need to settle with Spark for duration 27 june - 23 july?

Thank you.
Nidhi Jain

You’ve posted on a publicly viewed customer forum, so maybe best to remove your personal details from your post. To answer your question, the meter readings you supply to Bulb will open your account with them and these readings will be sent to your old supplier to create a final bill which you will have to pay. i.e. you pay your old supplier. No balances are transferred to Bulb.

@Nidhi_Jain I have removed you personal address from this post as it is a public forum. And yes as @norman7115 kindly commented whatever you owe Spark you will have to pay them. No balances are transferred over. You should receive your final bill from Spark within 6 weeks of starting your supply with us. :slight_smile: