Switch to Bulb interrupted

I was trying to switch both my electricity and gas supply over to Bulb. My existing provider objected, so only the gas element has transferred, I’ve now been charged what should have been the dual fuel bill for just gas, and I’m stuck with my old electricity supplier. Can I restart the electricity move, and switch to a dual fuel plan with Bulb?

Hi FraserM
That is what happened to me except that my electricity is transferred and gas will transfer on 20th. Old supplier delayed clearing the objection they made. Bulb restarted the gas move for me. I believe that when you supply the meter reading which Bulb sends to your old supplier, that date is used for end/beginning of service. Like you I have been charged dual fuel, but it will all work out correctly. Your old supplier will refund you any overpayment on that side. Make sure they have cleared their objection.

I hope I have not confused you, it is difficult to explain. I phoned Bulb was told what I have tried to repeat here.

@anniemac Thanks for explaining. you hit the nail on the head. :+1: :smiley:

I’ve reapplied for your electricity supply Fraser and sent you an email with more info.

As Annie said, any overpayments will be worked out eventually.