Switch to Economy 7

I’ve just moved and am switching to Bulb for the first time. I have an electric car, so Economy 7 for me is a must. My old place already had it, but my new place currently doesn’t. What is involved in having an E7 meter installed? Is there a cost? How long will it take? Should I wait for a smart meter, and if so how long will that be? Thanks!

It costs around ~£100 to have a meter swapped.

Or, it will be free when you’re offered a smart meter, which should be this year…

@Jam906 It would cost £118.46 to get your electricity meter exchanged. The engineers can come on any weekday. They are usually booked out for at least the next 10 working days.

Or you could wait for a Smart Meter as @phproxy suggests. We are aiming to roll them out late this year. But it relies on third parties (namely the DCC who manage communication between suppliers and smart meters) so we don’t know for sure.

If you want to get a meter job booked in give us a call on 03003030635 (open Monday-Friday, 9-6pm) or email h