Switch to New supplier and Bulb final bill is a wrong reading


I switched to So energy in Oct, and we sent the right reading to Bulb. Somehow the bulb misused the wrong reading, the correct is 62732, but Bulb used 63732.

Any body has any idea that how to correct it back from Bulb. I have tired so many ways but Bulb just is not doing it.

Hi @suichichuang

We take the exchange meter from a regulator who will give the same read to us and your new supplier, so that you are not billed twice for a KWH.

As the read is incorrect you can either ask us or the new supplier to raise a dispute for our final read/their first read to be changed.

We would just need photos of your meter to send as evidence. You can email these in to help@bulb.co.uk with the subject as ‘Dispute final meter read with new supplier’