Hi, I would like to join switch, but before I do could you please answer the following questions.

I applied for the home discount scheme through my current supplier and was successful in doing so, will I be able to bring this discount with me or will I have to apply again.
Do you pay the early exit fees to my existing supplier.
With your Vari-Fair deal will I pay a direct debit of £45.00 a month.
Will I receive £50.00 if I switch to yourselves.

Kind Regards

Phil Smyth

Hi @smiler, if you’re referring to the Warm Home Discount scheme, Bulb do not currently offer it (but are working on doing so later this year).

Bulb will pay your exit fees (up to £120).

With their variable tarrif, you will initially pay an estimate (if you’re current bills are £45 then I suspect it will be a similar amount) and you can amend your monthly payments to perfectly suit your usage after your first bill.

You will receive £50 credit to your account if you sign up using a referral link from a friend.

Hi @smiler It looks like @mowcius has done a grand job in answering your questions, but if you have any other queries, let us know!