I done a switch to bulb for both gas and electric which and i have smart meter. Why am i only submitting a electricty reading

Hi there @Amypenn that doesn’t sound good, I suspect there may have been some sort of problem with your gas switch. By the looks of it, your old supplier ‘objected’ to your switch, which means that they said you couldn’t swap your gas over right now, for one reason or another. I believe you should have received an email about that, a few weeks ago? If you get in touch with your old supplier and see what the problem is with the gas switch, then let us know if we can reapply for your gas and we’ll do so. I hope that helps! For more specific details, if you pop us off an email at help@bulb.co.uk we’ll be able to talk dates and meter numbers and so on, I’d just rather not put them on a public forum (privacy and all that jazz).