I have received this message from USwitch: ENERGY: Bulb announces its third price rise of 2018
This is a case of third time unlucky for Bulb customers as 11.1% will be added to bills from 11 November. Customers should consider fixing their energy tariff to avoid further price hikes. I persuaded three members of my family to swiitch to you last December so I am having difficulty explaining my position. Yoiur comments please.

Hi @AlanSmith123 - Thanks for getting in touch. We’ve gone into lots of detail about why we’ve had to raise our prices in our blog, I’ve linked the most recent one below:
As for fixed tariffs, for many that’s the preferred option, but it can also mean that if prices go down that you are still stuck on a higher rate. And because of rising prices at the moment, many fixed rate tariffs (rightly) err on the side of caution and you may be paying a premium - however, if there are good fixed deals out there and if, for your own peace of mind you want the set rate it’s worth a look to see if it’s right for you.

Bulb have still lowered their prices more times than we’ve raised them and it’s something we aim to do as soon as it’s feasible - we hope you stay but we have no intention of forcing you or your friends.