Switched in April and still no info on your website

I’ve been with Bulb before and even recommended them to a friend but my latest switch to Bulb has been a total disaster. There’s no information on my account, no start reading and no usage - after 5 months of Bulb happily taking my monthly payment. I tried to sort it out via an online chat 12 days ago and sent photographs of relevant meter readings. Still nothing. I called today and was promised a call back within an hour - still nothing. My previous supplier has sent an incorrect bill and says it is for Bulb to correct the start readings so they can send a correct bill. I’m now getting letters from a debt collection agency for money I do not owe my previous supplier. Bulb promised to call them and sort it out but still nothing. Just to be clear, Bulb are using start meter readings which are higher than the actual readings now, 5 months after I switched. Does anyone know how I escalate this complaint? I waited 15 minutes just to get through to someone this morning on the phone (one of their “less busy times”. How am I supposed to resolve this?

Click “Help” and search for “complaint”. The first result returned contains the information you require.