Switched in August but no bill yet?

Hi I switched over in August but as yet haven’t had a bill yet? I know it’s only been a couple of months but I like to keep an eye on what I’m spending so I don’t go over my budget. Is it possible to find out how long it’ll take to get my first bill, thank you.

Hi @paulinea83

Welcome to Bulb, I hope your first month or so has been a good one!

To explain what has happened: since we take payment in advance, we’d normally issue a statement the day before payments are taken.

As you’ve changed your payment date we’ve extended this first billing period to cover until the day before your next payment (roughly a 6 week period in this case). After your first statement they’ll be monthly as normal :slightly_smiling_face:

I switched to a smart meter in August following a long wait due to the lockdown. Just prior to the start of lockdown i reported to bulb that the meter was no longer displaying a reading due to a fault. From then i was paying an estimated bill per month.

In August the damaged meter was replaced with a Smart Meter. I have lodged multiple complaints with bulb stating the detsils above and have sent pictures of the label left by the engineer showing the zero meter reading if the one taken out.

Yet again i am asked for the same information, the same questions and still no resution. I am totally disgusted with the service support provided by bulb. Or should i say lack of support. All i have experienced with bulb to date is utter incompetence.

If this is not resolved by the end of this week i will be switching supplier.

Hi @Tornado

I can understand your frustration at this ongoing billing issue. I hope you’ve seen the email update from my colleague in your email complaint thread.

Please could you follow up there with any queries and these should be answered for you whilst the system error blocking your statements is resolved?