Switched the leccy but not the gas?!?

EDIT: Never mind. Saw I have been paying Bulb for gas, its just british gas didnt deactivate the account. Should be getting a refund tomorrow! That company can be such a faff lol

Anyone else have this? British gas has been charging us for gas every month because it is still active!! Bulb has only switched over the electric but not the gas apparently. However I suspect I may have also been charged for gas by bulb looking at my bill, so perhaps essentially been paying twice. Any experiences?


You need to discuss this with Bulb…they will be on this forum from 9:00am tomorrow morning. Good luck :slight_smile:

Same has happened to me switching from pure planet.

@HeavyMetalMaiden @Paul_b

We send both your readings to your old supplier on your supply start date, but it’s normal for the reads to take around 6 weeks to reach the old supplier, as they go through various third parties from both sides to be validated.

The gas and electricity industries operate separately, so it’s possible they can arrive at different times.

Usually the final bill takes around 6 weeks from the switch date to be sent out by the old supplier, so don’t worry that you’ve not had it yet!

Do get in touch if you’ve still not had it by then and and we’ll look into it.

I have contacted pure planet because they’ve also taken another month’s direct debit from me.

They have said they are looking into it, so I’ll see how it all pans out.

Hi @Paul_b they should be refunding you anything they took after we took supply, hopefully they’ll be able to close up your account and we’ll both get this sorted out for you nice and quickly