Switched to bulb in May 2019, still waiting on an IHD

We have a first generation smart meter so when we switched to bulb in May 2019, it soon stopped working. We asked for a replacement and told they were getting rolled out. I asked again in November, told it was coming, again in February, told ‘COVID’. Another year on, does anyone know if the roll out and replacements are continuing? I got lost going round in circles in the help pages. Very close to just going back to the old supplier. Any advice appreciated, thanks.

I doubt it will be replaced please see: https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/360023777292-First-generation-SMETS1-smart-meters

I have a first gen smart meter which bulb have managed to take control of. If you wait a bit they may be able to take control of yours

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Unfortunately, if we gave you an IHD now it wouldn’t work, as your meters aren’t currently on our smart network :frowning: We’re hoping to get all first generation meters on the smart network as soon as we can, so this won’t be the case forever but I can’t give you an exact date right now.