Switched to Bulb, just have a question...

Hey saw bulb come up top on a USwitch search. Normally put off by anything bit the “big 5” (or 6?) but decided it’s time to make the jump and try out something different.

It also looks like ill get money off and so will other new users if they use my referral code? bulb.co.uk/refer/gavin7571

Anyway I Just wanted to know if guys are fitting smart meters or If I could register my interest in this?

Thank you,

@gavin7571 good question. We aren’t offering smart meters just yet, but will be rolling out smart meters to our members from early 2018. This is because currently only first generation smart meters are being installed in the UK right now.

If we installed one of these on your wall and you changed energy supplier you wouldn’t always be able to use the smart meter’s functionalities. We think it’d be a bit unfair to do that to our members, so we will begin installing second generation meters as soon as we can get them and they will be able to communicate with any supplier.

Ah thank you -makes sense! Would you be able to keep me informed or have some sort of status page I can check on the site ? :slight_smile:

@gavin7571 Absolutely, we will be letting all our members know when we can start rolling out these meters.