Switched with a Smart Meter

Hey there,

So we’ve just made the switch to Bulb in the last few minutes, and I’m just wondering how it works with a Smart Meter? We already had them installed this year, so I’m wondering do we need to give you initial readings or will those be taken automatically?

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Mate it seems Bulb don’t use Smart meters yet and they can’t read the Smart Meters from other suppliers either. So instead of Smart Meters, we have Meters. I’m trying to find out when they intend to start rolling em out but they seem reluctant to give even a rough date.

HI @codieandsteven, @studavies has it right. We aren’t able to read other suppliers smart meters at the moment. When they were first rolled out, there wasn’t a framework in place to allow it. The regulators are working on it now, but the project keeps being pushed back, so we honestly can’t say with any conviction when it will be. For now, you can just read it like a normal meter.

We’ll be starting our smart meter roll out summer this year. We’ll start off with a limited trial to nail down which models are best, how we should show the data to members and which company we’ll use to install them. Once we’re happy with the results of that we’ll forge ahead with the roll out proper. Smart meters are a key element of our long-term strategy as a business, so it’s they’re high on our to-do list. The roll-out is a big and complicated project though, so we’re planning it out properly before we start it.