Switching account to new house

Hi, I’m about to move house, but wanted to know an idea about how long before moving I’d need to let Bulb know so that the electricity and gas can be switched over to be active when we move in?



That’s not how it works. There is no way to “switch over” as such. Energy companies do not supply people, they supply properties.

What you will do is:

  • Tell Bulb the date that you are no longer responsible for your current property. Your account will close.
  • Tell the supplier of your new property that you are now responsible for the bills, open an account and arrange payment.
  • Begin a switch of your new property to Bulb, only AFTER you have arranged payment as above with the existing supplier for the period between your purchase and the switch date. A brand new account with Bulb will be opened.

Thanks very much for your response. I’ll fill in the moving home section in my account then find out the current supplier and arrange the bills with them.