Switching Advice Pls

Hi guys, I am totally new to this switching game with my dual fuel. I have been with BG for an eternity & have always received a fantastic service from BG but unfortunately their prices are not so fantastic anymore. So I am nervous about switching my energy. Bulb is coming up with excellent service reviews which is great. Questions : (1) I am used to doing everything on line with BG so do you offer this service ie. meter reads monthly, overview of bills etc. (2) do you use the major suppliers to provide your fuel ie. technicalities - how does it work with the supply? (3) I also have Homecare with BG & I am assuming that this won’t change as I pay this separately & will BG cause me any problems with this because I am changing fuel supplier they say not! Thanks for any advice. Helen.

Hey Helen, great that you’re thinking about switching. I promise that it’s an easy and painless process.

  1. Yep, you can do everything online; meter readings, view statements, change payment date, change payment amount, refer friends, etc

  2. The supply to your home is just as secure with us as with BG. There is no chance that you’d lose power due to an error when taking over your supply. It would only ever be due to a local problem with the national grid in your area which would happen regardless of your energy supplier. Even if we were to go bust (we won’t!), you would still have a supply and you would be moved onto another energy supplier automatically by Ofgem.

  3. Don’t worry, it won’t cause any problems with Homecare. We won’t instruct BG to do anything with it, and if BG say it will be fine then it sounds like they treat it as a separate product anyway.

Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any more questions.

Hi Will, thanks for the information and piece of mind. I have just switched over to Bulb! Look forward to saving some money with you guys. Helen.

Hi Will, I have Hive installed, pls can you confirm that this will still work the same. I don;t believe that Hive is exclusive to BG. Thanks Helen.

@yoda Hive is just a fancy thermostat that British Gas offer as a separate product to their energy. You can use Hive with any energy supplier.

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