Switching away + ongoing IHD issues

One for customers to answer…
Has anyone else switched to another supplier whilst you have IHD/comms hub issues? Will it hinder getting my IHD to ever work? Did it fix IHD issues you were having, with fresh supplier eyes looking at things?

My IHD hasn’t worked since the smart meters were installed in April 2019.
Resolution doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, and replies have stopped when I chase.
Getting that resolved is the only thing that’s kept me with bulb.

My advise would be top wait for someone @bulb to look at this post and send you and email first. If you switch to another supplier the meters could be messed up for a much longer time.

It’s an ongoing saga, and I’ve been in contact with them to try and resolve things. I think I’ve had 3 of those 8 week ombudsman complaint stalemate emails already, and I’ve not referred it to the ombudsman because from what I’ve seen from others, it gives bulb a good excuse to ignore further contact from me because they say they can only reply via the complaints portal.
The only reason I’ve stuck with bulb is to try and get this resolved, I’m just not sure it’s worth it any more.

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Same boat here. Just been told they can’t fix my IHD/Smart Meter issues, that sending an engineer may not work (so they won’t even bother trying) and that they hope to have it rectified remotely by Summer 2021…! My smart meters have never worked since installation 6 weeks ago, and I had no follow-up for a month from Bulb until today when they sent the above after I sent a chaser. :angry: I’m now looking at moving away but not sure if that’s going to make things worse if the smart meter isn’t fixed by Bulb themselves.

@pbaumann I’ve not gotten that far to be told that. I’m currently just struggling to get an answer on whether the comms hub reboot was successful or not.
What doesn’t help, gas usage has stopped showing on the graph on my account so I can’t even monitor usage there.
I even signed up to another company that can be authorised to get my usage info (from the DCC), and they can’t display proper value usage because the unit rate is wrong on the meter, and bulb can’t find why that is. It’s reported as 11 times higher than it really is to the third party.