Switching from a prepayment meter to Smart Credit Meter

Hi all,

I moved into my flat on 22/12/2018 and it rather annoyingly already had a prepayment key meter installed. My previous supplier had also put me on the most expensive tariff they had and it’s already cost me a small fortune just in the first month I’ve lived here. I hate the inflated cost, the inconvenience of having to go to the shop to top it up, everything about it. So I’m very much looking forward to my supply switching to Bulb on 28/01/2019.

I think there’s also a problem with my existing prepayment meter as it intermittently refuses to accept the key, before eventually accepting it after about 10 attempts. That’s causing me a lot of concern as I wonder if one day it’ll just stop accepting the key altogether and cut off my electricity. I’ve had the key replaced and it’s still happening so it’s definitely the meter. So it looks like meter may be likely due for replacement or repair anyway.

My landlord immediately gave me permission to switch back to a normal credit meter like I had at my previous address and I’m hoping to get a smart meter installed.

I spoke to someone at Bulb on the phone at the beginning of the month when I began my switching process and was told I would be sent some info about going on to a smart meter but have heard nothing.

Has anyone ever switched from a prepayment meter to a credit meter with bulb and able to offer advice on how I get the ball rolling?

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